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Installing the Irrigation Valves - Keyopo

Installing the Irrigation Valves - Keyopo
Issue Time:2017-08-15

Ifyou are installing a new in-line valve manifold, or grouping anti-siphon valvestogether, keep in mind that the location should be easily accessible formaintenance. Locate the manifold where you are not likely to be sprayed by thesprinklers when turning the system on manually. On larger systems, separatevalve groups may be required for the front and back yards. It is a good idea tokeep a plan showing where all in-ground valves and pipes have beeninstalled.

Important:Be sure to flush the line coming up to the valves, before installing thevalves.

Tip: If using a manifold for underground valves partially assembling themanifold ahead of time will make the job easier. Be sure that the valve is installedhorizontally according to the arrows printed on the body for the direction offlow. Valve operation may be erratic and valve warranty is void if installedbackward or in a vertical position. Do not over-tighten 

Mostvalves have a flush mode which allows a little extra water through the valve toclean it out. To flush valve to clear debris: Turn the bleed screwcounter-clockwise ONLY 1 turn. Flush one minute and turn clockwise to close.Test and flush each line before sprinklers are attached.

Howto Operate

Seethe diagram above for information on flushing the valves.
a. Flow control - Regulates the amount of water passing through the valve. Doesnot turn on or off
the valve. (Not available on all models.)
b. Flush Valve / Manual bleed - Turns the valve on manually by"bleeding" water off of the diaphragm. External bleed valve modelshave a knob or screw to turn and the water sprays out of the top of thevalve.
c. Manual On/Off - Turn solenoid 1/4 turn counterclockwise to turn valve onmanually. Do not turn past 1/4 turn or the Solenoid may come loose and releasepressurized water.

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