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VALVE Installation Notes - Keyopo

VALVE Installation Notes - Keyopo
Issue Time:2017-08-14
Checkyour local codes for the types of backflow protection required in your area.Electric models
are simple to hook up to a controller for automatic watering. They are bestsuited to plans where

there is not more than a slight rise in elevation, and fairly clean sourcewater.

Installation Notes

1.Mustbe installed upright

2.Must be installed at least 6" (15,2 cm) above the highest point of waterin the pipe and sprinklers it serves

3.No valve can be located downstream of the antisiphon valve

4.Must not be subjected to operating pressure for more than twelve (12) hoursin any twenty-four (24) hour period

5.Uniform Plumbing Code Sec. 1003 (2) 602.2 Consult local codes

Caution:This valve is designed as a zone valve and as such may not function properly,resulting in water contamination, if installed where constant pressure isplaced on the outlet (sprinkler) side of the valve. The manual version is notsuitable for use in a continuous open position as a main shutoff valve or as ameans of inexpensive backflow prevention for an entire system; nor are theautomatic models to be used as a master valve where other valves will beinstalled downstream.

Thankyou for reading.