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Badminton Game-KEYOPO

Badminton Game-KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-07-31

In order to carry forward the spirit ofsportsmanship, also in order to lose more sweat on hot summer and strengthenour constitution, our company held a badminton game on July 29 by our salesmanager Mr Lin. Everyone is very active to take part in and sweated like aboar. It doesn't matter of success or failure, we all relaxed ourselves andhappy to have a sense of team spirit and enterprise culture.




9 Health Benefits Of PlayingBadminton

In recenttimes, Badminton has become quite popular among people of all ages.It is fun and easy to play with or without a court. So, here are some healthbenefits of playing badminton daily which will make you quit your expensive gymand clubs and force you to take up this fun and effective sport.

1. The Easiest Way To Reduce Weight

2. Helps In Muscle Toning AndMaintaining Your Physique

3. Improves Your Metabolism Rate

4. Perks Up Reflexes, IntelligenceAnd Productivity

5. Helps In Achieving Optimum HeartFunction

6. Increases The Bone Density AndMakes You Stronger

7. Decreases The Chances Of GettingDiabetes

8. It’s A Definite Cure For  Hypertension9. Improves Lung Function