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The reason of hydraulic solenoid valve seal is not tight-KEYOPO

The reason of hydraulic solenoid valve seal is not tight-KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-07-25
Hydraulicsolenoid valve does not seal tightly mainly has the following severalaspects:

1.Elastic sealing material.
Hererefers to the purity of the monomer which material proportion of more than 95%,most of them are refurbished material, the purity is not enough, and there isno guarantee that the chemical and physical properties will change, which iseasy to lead to long-term dissolution of the medium with the medialeakage.

2.Flexible sealing processing accuracy.

The machining accuracy for miniature solenoid valve control precision and theelastic component of it, but if it is large diameter solenoid valve elasticshape of the component is not small, water, etc. will shrink, gate productflatness, roughness directly affects the current, abroad are integral forming,laser cutting, so that forming. Of course, this set of processing equipmentinvestment is huge, the general factory can not do this. Since it is notsmooth, it is easy to leak.

3.Machiningprecision of metal sealing contact surface and structural design.
 If the design of the end face is toolarge, will impact the flow rate, and it is easy to stuck crystal, dust andother fine particles on the elastic components, so it is easy to cause leakage,and will be more after a long time. But the cone seal design will not be such aproblem, the contact surface is small, the flow rate is quick, but the flowwill be very big in this kind of structure.

4.Plunger assembly welding.
 The general shape of the plungerassembly is small, the requirements of argon arc welding and laser welding arerelatively high, one is to ensure the production capacity, but also to ensurethe quality, this material is also relatively high demand, corrosion andoxidation medium will lead to weld point corrosion, has great influence on theair tightness.


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