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Diesel engine emissions - All you need to know! - KEYOPO

Diesel engine emissions - All you need to know! - KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-07-11
The"new" low emission diesel engines have been around for a few yearsand, I think it's fair to say that, end users and maybe even some dealers stilldon't fully understand this technology and how it affects them in their day today work.
Governments have given out mixed messages over the last decade regarding dieselengine powered road vehicles, initially seeming to support a swing to dieselpower based on their lower CO2 emissions compared to petrol. Global carmanufacturers, on the back of this, spend millions developing their dieselengines.

Thetwo main exhaust emission compounds we are most concerned with reducing are:
1.NOx - Nitrogen oxide
i.e.) The higher the combustiontemperature, the higher the level of NOx in the exhaust gas.
2.DPM - Diesel Particulate Matter (soot)

    i.e.) We will look at the other main"nasty" in the exhaust, "Diesel Particulate Matter" (DPM),or soot to you and I. DPM is worrying since the particles are extremely smalland, being airborne, can easily be inhaled.

Other acronyms used in the engineemission reduction systems:
1.EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
2.DPF Diesel Particulate Filter, (DPF is aregistered trademark)
3.Re-Gen Regeneration or self- cleaningprocess for the DPF
4.ECM Engine control module (blackbox)!
5.CR Common rail injection system(controlled by the ECM)
6.DOC Diesel oxidisationcatalyst

This system generally comprises three components arranged in a single unit,these being the Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst (DOC), the Diesel ParticulateFilter (DPF) and the muffler.

Diesel Engine Shutoff Stop Solenoid1700-2536 1751-24E7U1B1S5A SA-3766T For Cummins 3864274

Part No.:3864274 1751-24E7U1B1S5A

Ref. No.:SA-3933-24 SA-3766T-24

Diesel Engine Fuel Shutdown StopSolenoid 2848A275 1457906 For Perkins Hyster

Part No.: 2848A275,2848A279

Ref. No.: SA-4934-12