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The Differentiate Between a Solenoid And a Coil-KEYOPO

The Differentiate Between a Solenoid And a Coil-KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-06-23
Almost daily we are asked, “what is thedifference between a solenoid and a coil?”
It doesn't help that Google’s definition of each is vague:
Solenoid:A coil wound into a tightly packed helix.
Coil: A length of something wound or arranged in a spiral or sequence ofrings.

The information below will help youdifferentiate between your solenoid and coil.

What is a solenoid?

A solenoid is a contact. So, when you put power to the activator the contacts,contact and 12V run through the solenoid.Like this...

What is a coil?
A coil is a magnet. Applying electricity magnetizes the coil and opens thevalve.

What is the difference between them?
The difference between a solenoid and a coil is one is a contact withmechanical parts inside. A coil is a magnet. 

Where are solenoids located?
The solenoid is mounted on the motor and connects to the motor post. Thesolenoid has two posts, which connect your hot cables.

Where are coils located?
The coil is located on the valve. The coil has one post, which connects theremote.
Where are solenoids used?
Solenoids are used on a number of
engine and excavator etc. Likethis...

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Where are coils used?
Coils are used on pumps.