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Issue Time:2017-06-22
    Solenoid valves transform power into amagnetic force that opens and closes valves efficiently. Our direct-actingsolenoid valves are ideal for smaller flow rates. Use them with a wide varietyof neutral media, including gases, water, synthetic oils and other materials.

    Huatui Machinery designs and manufactures the solenoidvalves that offer appropriate flow and direction over long-term performance. Wespecialize in innovative designs, precision manufacturing and a driven responseto customer requirements.


    Solenoid valves control the flow offluids, air, gases and other media in many types of systems and products. Eachvalve is in turn controlled by an electric current that passes through thesolenoid. These electromechanically operated valves come in a broad range ofconfigurations and materials suitable for countlessapplications.

    We offer valves that feature two ormore ports to help more industrial applications accomplish more tasks. Forexample, 2-way valves feature one inlet and one outlet port and a singleorifice, while 3-way valves feature three port connections and two valveorifices. At Solenoid Solutions, our extensive product line includes miniature,subminiature, high-capacity and low-wattage solenoid valves.

Below are descriptions and diagrams of2-way and 3-way solenoid valves.


    In2-way normally-closed electric solenoid valves, the pressure flow from one portto the other is blocked until the power is turned on and the valve becomesenergized. Powering on then allows the media to flow freely through the valve.Alternatively, in 2-way normally-open valves, pressure flows from one port tothe other when the power is off and the valve is de-energized. Switch on thenormally-open solenoid valve and flow ceases.

    A3-way solenoid valve has three pipe connections and 2 orifices, one of which isalways open, allowing for two paths of flow. The 2-position operation makesthese solenoid valves useful for applying or cutting off flow or pressure in atool or equipment component, such as a hydraulic cylinder. There are fourcommon types of 3-way solenoid valves: 3-way normally-closed, 3-waynormally-open, 3-way directional control and 3-way multi purpose.

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