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Solenoid Construction-KEYOPO

Solenoid Construction-KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-06-22
    A solenoid is a long wire, wound with ahelical pattern, surrounded by a steel frame, having a steel core inside thewinding.

    When carrying a current "i ",the solenoid becomes an electro-mechanical device, in which electrical energyis converted into mechanical work.

    The core of a solenoid is usually made oftwo sections, a movable actuator, or plunger, and a fixed end core or backstop.


Theefficiency of a solenoid is a factor of mechanical geometry, electricalconfiguration and magnetic permeability of core, plunger andhousing.

The plunger is free to travel in thecenter of winding in a linear direction. When the coil is energized by theelectric current "i ", a magnetic force is created between plungerand end core, causing the plunger to travel. The higher the permeability ofsteel used, the better the performance.

Itis essential for a solenoid to lose its magnetic force when input electricalpower is removed. This is to allow the plunger to resume its original position.Any remaining magnetic field is called residual magnetism.

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