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How to Wire a 24V Solenoid?-KEYOPO

How to Wire a 24V Solenoid?-KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-06-13
A solenoid is an electromechanical switch used to control large current-drawing devices. Solenoids are used in many types of equipment.

One advantage of using a solenoid is that low-current wires can be routed to a remote switch that controls the solenoid's operation.


Things You'll Need:
2.Solenoid control switch

Step 1
Install the solenoid in the location recommended by the chosen application's instructions.

Step 2
Install the solenoid control switch.

Measure the distance between the solenoidand the controlled device.

Fabricate the solenoid cables. 

Install the cable between the solenoidand its controlled device. 

Install the cable between the othersolenoid terminal and the battery or bus bar.

Wire the solenoid's control circuit.

Test the solenoid by engaging the controlswitch.

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