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The Working Principle for Flameout Solenoid Valve -KEYOPO

The Working Principle for Flameout Solenoid Valve -KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-06-05

Working Principle

There is a coil in flameout solenoid valve,like a generator. Solenoid valve will be magnetic so that pull the flameoutcotton to supply oil when the current be provided. It will be unmagnetic whenthe current be interrupted, then a spring will push the cotton to be flameout,therefore the oil supplying be cut.

Mathod for cleanout

After used for a long time, the pistion inthe flameout solenoid valve will be bloked by dust and dirt, it should beremoved and cleaned to make the solenoid valve performs well, no lubrication isneed because lubrication will become dirt while mixing with dust when theengine works.


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