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What Is A Solenoid Valve?-KEYOPO

What Is A Solenoid Valve?-KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-06-05

Before understanding the concept of asolenoid valve, we should first understand what a valve is.

A valve is a device which works byregulating or controlling the flow of a fluid. This fluid can be liquid, gas,slurry, etc. Valves are available in a wide variety of makes and designs,serving a variety of purposes.

Now, a solenoid valve is just thecombination of a solenoid and a valve, which regulates the movement of gas orliquid by means of electric current. This electromechanical actuator stops,releases, distributes or combines fluids; and is being extensively used in anumber of application areas.

Components of a Solenoid Valve

ASolenoid Valve has parts like a coil of wire (which is the Solenoid), a metalcore, electrical connector, bonnet nut, body, etc. These components arenecessary for the efficient functioning of the valve. In case a malfunctionoccurs in any of the parts, the operation of the valve will not be effective.

121-1491 24V Excavator shut-off Directional Control Solenoid Valve

Application: for CATERPILLAR 


315-4412 116-3526 V9402215057 24V Shut Off Solenoid Valve

Application: for CATERPILLAR



Application:for CATERPILLAR 825H,3126,3126B,826G,826GII,826H,836G,836H,825G,825GII