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How do you test a 12volt(or 24volt) solenoid?-KEYOPO

How do you test a 12volt(or 24volt) solenoid?-KEYOPO
Issue Time:2017-06-02

Solenoid operated valves are a common component in modern hydraulicswhich means that tests of solenoid operated valves make part of any hydraulicworkshop daily routine.

It is about these tests that I would like to talk about in thispost.

   Step 1 - Make sure your solenoid is properly grounded. 

   Step 2 - Make sure you have 12V(or 24V) to the solenoid (usuallywhen looking from the rear it will be the large copper terminal on the left).

   Step 3 - Using a jumper wire, (14 gauge wire 10” long  with alligator clips on both ends is easiest)jump from the 12V(or 24V)  terminal onthe solenoid to the activator post (the small post). You should hear a faintclick.

   Step 4 - Using a 12V(or 24V) test light, check to see if you have 12V(or 24V)  on the copper terminal that connects thesolenoid to the motor (usually looking from the rear the copper terminal on theright). If you do have 12V(or 24V) , the solenoid is good. If you don’t, thesolenoid needs to be replaced.

If your solenoid tests as working then it could be your coil. 

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