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HZT Summer social practice- Part 1

HZT Summer social practice- Part 1
Issue Time:2016-08-09

  Wenzhou Huatui Machinery Co., Ltd had cooperation with Wenzhou vocational and technical college this summer.  

  On July 5th, 2016, the Plan “HZT Summer social practice” based on the task is putted into practice/started. 35 students majoreda machinery, the teachers and the regional heads from our company had a meeting in our branch company in Chashan 8:30am. Lin Meng, the generalmanager of Huatui introduce the basic situation of the company to students,help them to learn the company and have a basic knowledge of their tasks.

  After that, 35 students were divided into three teams, they were assigned todifferent department to apply the theory to practice

  The regional heads lead students to their own department and introduce the arrangement of this activity, like daily meeting for task arrangement and summary, weekly meeting for showing achievements and discussing the difficulties on the form of PPT, and the reward system, all those help students have a deep understand for this summer social practice

   After a series of arrangement, students started their internship