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Why wont my car start when its cold outside? - Keyopo

Why wont my car start when its cold outside? - Keyopo
Update Time:2017-07-18
My car will not start if its really cold outside. It makes no noise at ALL! the brake light and the battery light comes
on.while the key is turned to on ( No check engine light or oil ect.) Its Not the battery I have had it checked and its brand new. If i wait till it warms up or if i have to be somewhere I heat up towels in the dryer and lay them on the engine and after a bit it will turn right over.
Now the other
wierd thing is, sometimes not always but when its really cold and i somehow get it started it turns over, you can hear the engine but i cannot get it out of park, the heater and stuff does not come one. while its on if i crank the key (normally your car grinds) it wont. I was in cali where it was alot warmer for a week and it did not do it ONCE. Im positive that it has something to do with the cold weather cause it has done this for months now! and never has a problem when its warm out. Please help me figure out whats wrong with it!
 The problem seems to be with the engines starter, more like the power getting to the starter. On the starter is a solenoid and on the solenoid are 2 terminals. One is the battery main terminal which has a 15mm nut and the other is a slide on spade connector. This is were the problem is. The spade connector is the ignition wire for the starter solenoid and the connection gets corroded. As the temperature drops the resistance of that connection increases, preventing the solenoid from engaging the starter. To fix this, try unplugging and plugging in the connector several times. This will break some of the corrosion loose and make better contact. If this does improve the start up in cold weather, I would recommend coating the connection with some dielectric grease to prevent it from happening again. Hope this helps with your starting problem.


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